Payment Methods

Cash on Delivery Method

Your order is sent to the address you choose when registering and is paid upon receipt. When the employee of the cooperating courier company comes to your place to deliver the parcel to you, you pay in cash the value of your order. It is clarified that the parcel is received as long as the package is not damaged or opened. Therefore you are not allowed to open the parcel before it is picked up by the courier company employee.

Finally, we would like to inform you that cash on delivery is free of charge for all orders shipped within Greece if they exceed € 60.00. For orders totaling less than € 60.00, cash on delivery costs are € 1.

Payment by Bank Deposit

In this case you will need to deposit the total amount of your order in one of the following bank accounts. It is reminded that in order to successfully complete your order you must send us the proof of deposit (photo, screenshot etc) to

  • Account Number: 0026.0370.97.0200438957
Piraeus Bank
  • IBAN: GR77 0171 6010 0066 0114 7660 605
Alpha Bank
  • IBAN: GR74 0140 3710 3710 0200 2010 916
National Bank
  • IBAN: GR67 0110 3590 0000 3597 8894 026